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Dexter Fittin In - On Sale $10

Parents/Pet Owners/Children/Teens - This book provides humor in changing situations!

A story about a rescue dog adopted into a family and is trying to learn the rules, understand order

and deal with a new big brother.  Dexter book takes a humorous view of blending into a family through 

eyes of a puppy.  This book is great for grades K - 4 and a wonderful read for Pet Owners.




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My Story

Welcome all.  It's not often in life we are able to pursue personal goals and passions.  I have been a reader since a very young age with the aspiration to one day be a published author.  Well that day has arrived and I am thrilled to share my first book with you and expect to grow my library over time.


The great gift offered through this and many other books is our ability to dream, imagine and reflect our own lives through those of the characters in the story.


If you enjoy this book, please do refer to others!

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This book is heartwarming, funny and captivating.

The story line flows easily and leaves you wanting more tales from Dexter!

Dr. Cheryl Gray

Los Angeles, CA

In the press

Thanks so much for visiting this site and purchasing this book!  I look forward to your feedback and comments.

                                     Michele Webb

Book Signings


COVID Friendly Book Signing November 15, 2020
Poplar Bluff School Sessions with 2nd Grade Students March 2020
Southeast Humane Society Pet Expo - Sept 2021
Poplar Bluff Library Author Fair - March 2022

More engagement/activities to come.  Please contact me for future opportunities

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